Ingredient: chamomile (55%), green tea (40%), licorice (10%).

Packaging: 60 boxes (25 tea bags x 2g/box).

Expiry Date: 24 months from manufacture.

Production Date: Shown on package.

Stockage: Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Warning: Do not use products that has expired, products with mold or odor.

Usage: Put a chamomile tea filter bag into a teapot or a cup. Add a suitable amount of boiling water, then wait about 1-3 minutes. Enjoy your tea.

Manufacturer: Kim Anh Tea Joint Stock Company.

Address: Km 2, National Highway 2, Phu Lo, Noi Bai International Airport, Mai Dinh Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Origin: Viet Nam.