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Kim Anh tea products

Kim Anh tea products


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Factory and Processing

Kim Anh tea products

Kim Anh tea products

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Equipment, production lines

A cup of tea every morning also helps you to improve the resistance of the body, enhance vitality and prevent disease.

Who knows, green tea has less side effects on health. A cup of tea every morning may limit the development of cancer, help treat cardiovascular disease, diuretic, digestion ... A cup of tea every morning also helps you to improve the resistance of the body, enhance vitality and prevent disease.

Work with children

Not only have the effect with adults, green tea also works with both children. With a sufficient dose, tea is also good for the health of children. If every day, your child drink 2-3 glasses (o, 5 - 2 grams of tea / glass), drink in the morning and drink while still warm can add vitamins, substances albumin, sugar and fluoride in the body.

Tea also prevents anorexia, good for digestion, help them stick body heat. Concentration of fluoride in tea is high, for children to drink with proper dosage, recommended mouthwash tea habit, not only bones but also can prevent tooth decay. Also, it uses special cups of green tea, the hot stones to drop in some tannic acid precipitation and water cleansing tea or bathe the children will make the skin smoother.

However, you should note the amount of tea per day dose in children. Younger children are more important to note the dosage. Drink plenty of tea will make you body water increases, increasing the burden on the heart and kidneys. Drinking tea is too strong, will make the child overly excited, heart rate increased rapidly, leading to insomnia.

Dark tea too much tannic acid, can combine with substances in food albumin to form albumin tannic acid and freeze will affect digestion and absorption, which reduces the child's appetite. If infants drink tea, tannic acid in tea quality can be integrated with iron, into acid-insoluble iron salts in the intestinal tract, the body can not absorb, making reserves of iron is reduced, the long gradual happens in anemia.

The effects of green tea

Besides the effects on young children such as green tea is good for the health of adults. Oriental Medicine and Chinese thought: Tea of ​​the cool, sweet flavor, fleshy and bitter. Can help alert, soft drinks, diuretic, digestion and detoxification ... Here are the significant effect of green tea.

Diuretic, reduced blood pressure and diuretic tea helps reduce swelling, inhibits the absorption of the renal tubule, stimulates motor movement center of the blood vessels, increase of kidney filtration rate, which has diuretic . In addition, the mixture of chemicals in tea also works well in reducing blood pressure, high blood pressure patients who are suitable to drink tea in moderation.

Help melt fat, lose weight: Tea will be used to help digestion and breaking down fat, can help in weight loss. That's because caffeine in tea can increase the amount of gastric secretion, rapid digestion, strengthen resolution fat. The mixtures of vitamins in tea helps reduce fat in the body. However, its performance is the same for everyone, each person has their own adaptation.

Preventing heart disease: the tea compounds effectively increase the elasticity of the heart muscle, reducing fat and cholesterol in the blood neutral; vitamin C and P are also effective in promoting cholesterol excretion. Caffeine, theophylline and pentoxifylline in tea stimulates the heart directly, expanding blood vessels, so blood can pass into a full heart.

Anti-aging: A lot of the material world are now prove this. Tea has anti-aging is due to the nature of different vitamins and amino acids, so drink tea regularly can prevent a lack of vitamin A, C and B. .. Drinking tea for a long time and is useful for disease prevention and longevity in the elderly. In Japan, people tend to live life like tea ceremony and the pink color.

Improve sex: Tea is also beneficial for enhancing sexual function. The tea contains 20-30% compound can inhibit and kill bacteria and prevent genital infection. Another example is the effect of tea flavor nervous excitement, fight fatigue.

Drinking tea in a scientific way

Tea has many advantages, but like many other things, tea is not flawless, it depends on time, place and people. Noting that drinking tea may not be suitable for everyone, the bold and the amount of tea, each of them differ. So, while enjoying tea remember six words "science, carefully, the right amount."

Elderly people should only drink tea in moderation. People with heart, kidney, stomach and functional intestinal disorder seriously, be careful when drinking tea. Patients with myocardial ischemia and congestion should drink green tea. Elderly people should not have been removed red tea drinking, by contrast, the physically frail elderly people should drink tea roses.

Vegetarian and thin people should not drink tea regularly. Because vegetarians are susceptible to iron deficiency and albumin substances. There are scientific reports that vegetarians often drink tea more vulnerable to anemia and iron deficiency.

One of the benefits of drinking tea is often inhibit fat accumulation in the body, to be effective in the prevention of obesity, but mixture of chemicals in tea prevents the body from absorbing substances albumin, as How long tea very easily lead to problems in absorbing substances albumin, and also inhibits the body's absorption of calcium and vitamin B. So, to whom the body is too thin or eating habits albumin lacks substance, it's best to avoid drinking tea regularly and the amount.

Drinking tea a long time will lead to osteoporosis later in life. Because caffeine content in tea can prevent the absorption of calcium and increases calcium excretion in the urine, as calcium will be lost in the bone but not replenished, leading to osteoporosis.

Drinking tea is the most appropriate time?
When you wake up, drink a cup of tea. Because the body after a long night has consumed a significant amount of water, a cup of tea in the morning, not only timely but also replace the water can lower blood pressure.

After eating oily drink tea. Albumin substances in oily foods are often very rich, slow digestion time of about four hours, so after eating will not feel hungry. Food existed too long in the stomach, will make us feel thirsty. Now tea drinking will be beneficial in quickly bring food into the intestines, causing stomach more comfortable. Drink tea hot and not too much, otherwise you will dilute the gastric juice, affecting digestion.

After eating salty to drink tea. Vegetarians do not have health benefits, so quick to drink tea diuretic, excrete excess salt. Drinking tea, especially green tea catechins have high concentrations, can inhibit the formation of substances that lead to cancer, enhance immunity.

After sweating it out for tea. Too much physical labor and work in high temperatures, will secrete large amounts of sweat, this tea can quickly replace the water body, reducing the concentration of the blood and muscle ache meat, gradually eliminating fatigue.

People working in the context of radiation as mining workers, doctors, nurses working in the X-ray room, people who work regularly at a computer or sitting watching TV in a long time and those who do copier should work with tea. So much less work on radiation effects, tea is effective against certain radiation, drinking tea regularly is beneficial in protection.

Those who work in mental work late and drink tea. Tea has caffeine, which helps to awake, will benefit the act of thinking, enhance memory, improve work efficiency.

People with diabetes should regularly drink tea. Symptoms of diabetes is high blood sugar, increased thirst, loss of strength. Drinking tea can lower blood glucose effectively, work drinks and increase stamina. Patients usually drink green tea, can increase the amount of tea and a few mixed drinks several times a day.